Here at Stellar Property Care, we provide a variety of high quality precision painting services which include: interior or exterior painting and refinishing, domestic and commercial services, decorating, drywall repair (skimming), spraying, wood door, stairs and floor painting.

We can also provide colour advice – we come to your house and discuss colours and decorations. We work in a professional manner to provide you with quality results.

We work fast, with attention to detail and what’s very important –

We’ve earned the reputation of clean, affordable and professional painting contractors.

Are you in constant need of repainting your home?

Contact us today, and we can help you find just the right solution for your needs and budget. With paints that last for over 20 years, rest assured that you wont be needing it done again for a very long time.

The team at Stellar Property Care will take care of the entire job from repairing any cracked render or damaged bricks, sorting out any damp problems that may occur, to then bringing your home to life with our quality range of wall coatings.

• Crack and chip resistant
• UV Protection to stop the colour fading
• Resistant to most kinds of dirt
• Maintenance free, saving you time, hassle and money
• A large range of colours and finishes
• Protection against penetrating damp.