Roof Cleaning & Coating

Out of sight, out of mind comes to mind when it comes to many people’s roof. As it’s not something you look at too often, it’s not the first thing on your list to get cleaned.
However, many different types of roof can become damaged due to high winds and bad weather. This can make them thick with dirt and algae and whilst you may not notice how bad they’ve become, chances are anyone visiting your home will have noticed.

It’s not only the look of your roof that matters. Years of neglect can damage your tiles or make them porous, and this build up of dirt and grime can lead to blocked gutters too. Avoiding these problems means getting your roof cleaned professionally by those experienced in the trade to avoid any health and safety issues, or indeed any accidents.


After your roof is cleaned, two coats of protective paint can then be applied. This action will immediately seal your roof and prohibit the growth of the aggressive fungi mentioned above. Our proven coating is breathable but waterproof. It is also reflective, flexible and thermal.

Driveway Cleaning

Is your dirty driveway getting you down? People who wish to erase years of wear and tear on their driveway by pressure washing are often right to do so because a clean driveway increases the curb appeal of your home. Paved driveways gather oil stains, layers of grime and mud over the years. This causes driveways to wear out and lose their effect, which, when you’ve taken a look at newly laid driveways is something that really does matter. Concrete is porous and because of this, rain water and regular washes do not clean it completely. For a quick and reliable solution Stellar Property Care can offer pressure washing for your driveway that will leave it looking clean and freshly laid.